do you really want google tracking your eyes?????

We just talked about the “google glasses” last class, and this was the first time i have heard of these.  When i heard about them in class and saw the adveritsement that we showed, my thoughts immediately went back to the movie Ironman.  He has a system very similar in his suite in the movie.  While this concept i think is very cool and crazy, I  can’t help but be a little worried that google may have gone to far with this one.

When I looked up google glasses on google the most popular article that came up was this, an article making a very good point that we have discussed a lot in class, and that is the major controversy of privacy and the internet.  When i thought of the topic of privacy in relation to this big new thing, the google glasses, it made me realize how big this problem could get.  With technology advancing so much in such a little time, this is inevitablly is going to be the future of the internet, phones, communication, and social media.  

I personally am astonished at what google, apple, and other companies are coming up with.  I cannot say that i am not looking forward to things like this, I absolutely love technology such as ipads, tvs, computers, phones, and many other things and think that these glasses are potentially a major addition to the technology world.  However, no matter how helpful or cool these new glasses may be, privacy still an issue.  Do we really want google being able to access everything that we see?  After contemplating this, i realized that with integrating these glasses with our lives at such a level would be basically giving google access to most of our lives.  This would be substantially more than what we are giving to google now.  Is google going to be able to track everywhere we have been, everything we say, and everything we have done now??

This quote pretty much sums up my reaction: “To be honest, when I first saw the Google Glasses video I thought that was really cool,” he said. “But a moment later, I thought, ‘Oh God, there are some very serious implications in terms of privacy and data mining.’”

The article says that it is unclear so far how google will deal with this, and what they will ultimately use these glasses for, but i can’t but be a little skeptical.  While I guarantee people will still use these glasses if and when they come out regardless of what some may say, I think that we should exercise caution and think long and hard about what we are doing before we dive into this cool new thing.

Great post! I really enjoyed reading this and i agree with you.  I am a firm believer that a lot of people vastly over post their lives on social media and think people should really think about something before it goes on their social media sites.  However, I do agree with you and was shocked to hear about schools expelling kids like that and I agree that they should look into what they can change as a faculty and school instead of intensely punishing kids for saying something on social media sites.  While i think some jobs should be allowed SOME access, I don’t think it is any of school administrations business, unless this student poses a threat to school safety or something, then that’s a different story.


Lately, social networking and privacy has been a very controversial topic in the media. The big question is, “How far is too far?” “Should businesses and schools have the right to check employee or student’s social networking sites?” etc. Businesses and schools have started to ask for the right to…

First off, great post! I enjoyed reading your stance on twitter and athletes.  You brought up great points that i agree are very true.  This does help with promoting teams and it is a great way to connect with fans, (depending on how you define connect).  While this is all good and actually helpful, I firmly believe that these athletes have no place engaging in social media or using their phones while ON THE JOB.  These people are at work.  I think most would agree that most peoples jobs require them to not be on their phones, and having experienced how hard playing intense sports, i think it is even more important to have this rule for the athletes.  Another potential problem is the drama it may cause if used by a player in the locker room or while he is injured during a game or practice.  Most of these teams have a huge rule about keeping problems “in house” and we have already seen athletes using twitter to put down their co workers and start problems even with a rule banning social media in  place, imagine it without one!  In your free time, tweet away, but once those stadium lights turn ON, the phone should turn OFF.


It is no surprise today that almost everyone in the lime light is on Twitter. Entertainers, actors, musicians, news anchors and authors are just a few of the people we can find on Twitter. However, now athletes are making a huge impression on the Tweet-world. In the Time Magazine article “Social…


While reading someone else’s post earlier this got me thinking about an aspect of social media that i am totally against, TWEETING DURING FOOTBALL GAMES, or any social media use during games at all, really.  I stumbled upon a few fairly recent articles such as this one about Chad OchoCinco (the NFL’s most known social media junky, who i ironically follow on twitter) getting fined $25,000 for tweeting during a game,  once before, and once during.  While many, including Chad himself, which he expresses to the NFL on twitter, may think this was a very high and ridiculous fine, I think that there is nothing wrong with it, especially based on the amount of money that these athletes are being paid.  Some may think it is ridiculous that he was fined at all for this, but in my opinion, a rule is a rule, and just because he is Chad Ocho Cinco, that doesn’t give him the right to be above the rules.  No player is above the rules.  Ocho should be treated the same as an undrafted rookie, when it comes to the rules of the team and the NFL.  

Recently the NFL allowed players to tweet during the pro bowl.  This is the only situation where i feel that players should be allowed to use social media or their phones.  The Pro Bowl is not a very serious event in the NFL and doesn’t nearly have the popularity of the NBA All Star game so i can understand that letting players tweet during a “fun” game like this (all of the star players in the league on the field at the same time) may make the game much more interesting and cause a lot more fans to watch and also follow on twitter.  This is the ONLY place, however.

I read a very good quote making a very good point early by another student, these people are at work.  It’s the same rules that a lot of other jobs have too, no cell phone use on the job.  I have that rule at my job, in fact i could be fired if caught using my phone like that.  These athletes are getting paid millions to play this game, don’t you think they should be a little more focused, seeing that football is arguable the most intense sport (physically AND mentally) there is.  Being an ex player myself, I know that football requires the utmost attention to detail and mental focus.  Not once did i ever wonder what was going on in the social media world, or even in my own world via my phone, during a game. Making it legal to tweet during games would turn football into a circus act. This would just make us further question whether these overpaid athletes really even care about  the game we all love so much.  Chad is a great example of this.  Is it just a coincidence that he is rapidly declining football-wise at the same time that he is using and being fined for twitter, could this be a contributing factor into why he is not playing as well as he used to?

Chad, I think your a quite a character, iv’e even read your biography (or autobiography?) and think your a talented athlete and entertainer, but you have to follow the same rules as all the other NFL athletes, if not, I’m sure dancing with the stars would love to have you back!

I agree with your statement about ceos answering questions personally about there company, however i think that twitter has no place during a football game.  I am a die hard football fan, an ex player, son of a college coach, and an aspiring analyst and I think that putting things such as twitter or players with access to there cell phones during a game will just further damage the integrity of the game of football and the NFL even further.  When i was playing football, during a game, I certainly did not think of my phone or what was going on in the social media world once during a game.  Playing football requires way to much of your mind to be able to do both.  With professionally athletes already being questioned about whether they truley care about their teams and the game, or just their giant paychecks already highly prevelant, allowing this would just further drive athletes attention away from the game that they are getting paid way to much money to play in the first place.


Tweeting Athletes

There has been a lot of controversy around professional athletes and tweeting, especially during games. During the last Pro Bowl game, each team was allotted one computer on the field with access to twitter. It wasn’t used as much as people assumed it would be, but it made…


Tweeting Athletes

There has been a lot of controversy around professional athletes and tweeting, especially during games. During the last Pro Bowl game, each team was allotted one computer on the field with access to twitter. It wasn’t used as much as people assumed it would be, but it made…

I agree, credit and information such as photos over the internet are now in such large numbers that it is impossible to regulate.  Personally I don’t see what the big deal is and i think you should not be able to sue over this.  The internet is much to public a place to be so concerned over someone else using your picture.  By even putting it on there in the first place, you know that it is going to be viewed by thousands and millions of people.


It seems that in recent years the popular social networking site Facebook has been sued multiple times for multiple reasons. Now a new social media site is in the sueing lime light. Pinterest is currently being sued for copyright infringement. It is not that the site is being sued for any specific…

Four Square: Great for small groups

Do you use foursquare?  Up until taking this class, I had never even heard of foursquare.  I was however aware of social media sites that can track your location and i also new that even facebook had a variation of this feature.  After being assigned our foursquare assignment I had actually grown pretty fond of foursquare and its potentially good use, especially among my close friends.  In fact, this would have been a dream come true back in high school when i had a very close knit group of ten or so friends.  While I love the idea of foursquare, it can also have some drawbacks that we should consider before using.

In this article in the NY Times, it talks about how foursquare is becoming the tool of choice for social media sites that answer the question, “where are you and can i come join you?”  A quote from the article says that “on twitter i have more than 3,000 followers and facebook is more of a business community now” “foursquare is just the people that i actually hang out with and want to socialize with.”  I like this aspect of foursquare and could be potentially a perfect match for me because i have grown tired of facebook and the hundred of status updates from some guy i hung out with high school for a year or some girl i sat next to in class two semesters ago and havent seen nor spoken to since.

The good parts of foursquare is exactly what i mentioned above, it is designed to incorporate a much smaller “friend” or “follower” list which usually consists of only the people who you would want to know where you were at all times.  I think it is also a little less addicting then sites like facebook or twitter and people wont neccesarily spend all there time on the site reading about peoples useless status updates,  all it is a site that you can see where your friends are and join them if you choose, and read potential tips about restaurants or other places allowing you to skip the step of looking a place up online on places such as yelp or google places. The only negative parts are the fact that do you really want people knowing where you are all the time? This is the question you must ask before you decide to join foursquare.

You are very right.  Facebook, especially in the past few years, has completely overtaken its competition sites such as myspace, and its new competition such as google plus and others just do not generate the amount of users and popularity that facebook does.  For a while, in my hometown, “myspace was for high schoolers and facebook was for college kids.” Now, however, i believe it is all just facebook. The girl who originally told me that quote was 15 at the time, by the time she was sixteen she had joined facebook along with all of her friends who were still well in high school.  In fact, I have even seen my friends younger middle school siblings on facebook now.


Since Facebook was invented in 2004, it has continually grown and changed throughout the years. It made Myspace irrelevant and new social media sites like Google+ have yet to reach the audience that Facebook has. This article suggests that Facebook is no longer just social media.

To many of us,…

I too, agree with you on many of your statements.  I do agree completely that being digitally literate is being literate in one portion of literacy.  I agree that social media is the new age and anything digital for that matter is.  I have had teachers in my classes start to use you tube videos and things of this sort in their classes and they have been very effective.  However I think on the topic of social media use in class, I believe it does have it’s effectiveness in certain aspects,there are still many ways that it can become a distraction like the naysayers say.  While it is effective for things such as organized events, or educational discussions, as stated, but it may be hard to regulate its usage to just educational things because in the end, its primary use is usually for our social entertainment.


Social Media in the classroom is a controversial topic among educators. While many want to keep social media out of the classroom and keep traditional styles of learning in, principal, Eric Sheninger, and the teachers of New Milford High School in New Jersey support social media in education….